30-day Challenge: Day 8


Day 8: The Unlimited Power of Christ

Read Matthew 8

After completing Jesus’ sermon, Matthew begins recounting signs wonders and miracles. Matthew arranges these accounts about Jesus’ authority in a special way. This Chapter begins with the Lord healing a leper, clearing every doubt as to the willingness of God to heal both spiritual leprosy (sin) and physical leprosy. This is declaration that He is the ultimate physician of our soul and our body.

Many scholars identify ten specific miracles in this section. Matthew 8:1-17 shows Jesus’ authority over sickness; 8:23-28 shows his authority over nature, demons and paralysis. Whereas these narratives demonstrate how much authority Jesus has in creation, the intervening paragraphs teach that we humans should also acknowledge Jesus’ rightful authority over us (8:18-22; 9:9-17).

Finally we see the whole city, who had witnessed the deliverance of the demoniac and the power of Jesus present among them, yet the tell Him to leave. This is the sad history of the world! The Lord came down with power to deliver the world from all the power of the enemy; but they would not. The world easily chooses to submit to satan’s yoke, they had become used to it, and they would not have the presence of God.


Jesus rules nature (8:1-9:38)
Jesus’ Authority over Sickness (8:1-22)
Jesus’ Willingness to Heal (8:1-4)
A Roman Exception (8:5-13)
Jesus the Healer (8:14-17)
Following Where Jesus Leads (8:18-22)
Jesus’ Authority over Nature and Disciples (8:23-9:27)
Jesus’ Authority over Demons (8:28-34)


Pray that we will manifest the authority of Christ in all areas of our lives. (Mark 16:117-18)
Pray for all who are sick, pray that you will have good health all your days.
Pray against every demonic plan or activity against your life and family.


“I follow Christ: Jesus is my God – Jesus is my Spouse – Jesus is my Life – Jesus is my only Love. Jesus is my All in All. Jesus is my Everything. Because of this I am never afraid”

– Mother Teresa


We hope you have been praying! 15 minutes a day is definetely not too much! Before the week runs out…we’ll give you ideas on what to pray for…that is…if you feel like you’ve run out of prayer points!

JubileeNCBlog Team

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