30-day Challenge: Strengthening Marriage


Hello Everyone! The 30-day Challenge has been extremely exciting this far…especially for couples! The Challenge encourages married couples to do something special for each other during this time. To encourage others…we ask that you share your “something special” with us! It helps those who are single to believe that marriage, truly, is an amazing experience!

Please send your entries to jubileencblog@gmail.com

I look forward to reading more stories like this!


On Saturday, I was on my way home from work expecting to cook and do everything. My hubby called me while I drove home asking where I was. I informed him that I was about 30 minutes away.

By the time I got home, dinner was served. When I say “served”…I mean: plated, fork and knife on a tray; the works. I came home and he said “welcome home babe; what would you like to drink?”

I thought it was extremely sweet…especially since I had just had a long day. That simple gesture made me feel like the most important woman in the world…and even though I have always been completely in love with my husband, I think I fell in love all over again.

Anonymous Female JCCI member


Most of the time…wives don’t need too much. A simple sincere gesture to remind her that you care about her is all it takes to help that fire burn brightly! The man who cooked dinner in this entry gets 5 stars in our books!

JubileeNCBlog Team

5 responses to “30-day Challenge: Strengthening Marriage

  • Pastor Bisi

    Worthy of emulation. Common Guys, lets copy good things like this.

  • P.T

    Bravo to our brother !!!!

    My comment/question is how often should this be done to ensure that it does not loose the motive of keeping the fire burning.


  • Doyin Omofoye

    Good job brother, @ P.T as often as you can and as the needs arise in your home.That is part of the spicy of marriage that keep the home going :).

  • TJ

    I thank God for all the comments, and it moves me to talk about mine too and what he did. my hubby is superb.

    Recently I was so strong and in bed all day; in the morning I didn’t notice when he woke up and get up from my side and he went to the kitchen and fix breakfast and hot tea and brought it to the room for with a medication for me to use. He served me throughout the day lunch and snacks.

    I think that was so thoughtful of him and he even came upstairs after a while to keep me company just for quality time. I thank God for you honey.

    5 stars X infinity + 1 for you.
    – TJ

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