30-day Challenge: Day 14


Day 14: Compassion and Sacrifice

Read Matthew 14

Tell it to Jesus (1-12). The disciples of John the Baptist were stunned, so they shared their grief with Jesus. Life will bring its disappointments, and you must learn how to handle them. Jesus will help you (Ps. 55:22; 1 Peter 5:7).

Bring it to Jesus (13-21). The Twelve said, “Send them away!” But Jesus said, “Bring what you have to Me!” Give Him your all, and He will use it to meet the need. He can do the impossible with whatever is wholly given to Him. You can even bring to Him people who need His touch (v. 35).

Look to Jesus (22-33). Some storms come because of our disobedience, but this one came because they obeyed Jesus. Peter did walk on the water; but when distracted by dangers around him, he took his eyes off Jesus. We look to Jesus by faith when we trust His word (Heb. 12:1-3). Beware distractions!


1. Pray for the strength  to stand for the truth without wavering

2.  O Lord help me to serve as an instrument of your love and compassion.

3. Pray that the winds of challenges of this year will not cause you to lose faith.


“He is nigh when He seems absent. He is watching when He seems blind. He is active when He seems idle.” – Morgan Campbell

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