A New Week!

I’m excited! It is a New Week…and I already feel the blessings and Favor of God all around! It’s AMAZING!

Now…New Weeks usually come with New Challenges…but as long as we  completely commit everything we do into the hands of God…we will definitely be over-comers!

So…this week…make it a major point to trust God completely in all you do! Plan to be happy…do not let the enemy take your joy…because..trust me…he will try!

I pray for a wonderful week for everyone! Come back with Testimonies…we can definitely use some on this blog!

God Bless you!

**Don’t forget…details of the giveaway coming soon! Plus a New Story where your opinion is needed!

JubileeNCBlog Team!

6 responses to “A New Week!

  • Oluwaseun

    Thanks blog team, you are doing an incredible work here. I will also like to add this, when the enemy attacks your joy remember to use key weapons to fight back. I recently lost a friend to a terminal illness and it dampened my spirit up to the point of physical symptoms. The Holy Spirit helped me to respond thus;

    – I started declaring the peace of God over my spirit, soul, and body (weapon 1 – declaring God’s word)

    -I called my mom (a prayer warrior) to agree with me in prayer
    (weapon 2 – prayer of agreement)

    – I reached out to others who were also mourning her passing
    (weapon 3 – community and fellowship)

    Here’s what these 3 weapons does; the word reminds my mind of God’s truth, the prayer rekindles and strengthens my spirit, while the reaching out eased my emotional and physical longings.

    This reminds me of a time (many years ago) when I was praying and asking God to give me peace and He gently reminded me that HE is my peace hence I already have it and that I just needed to claim it and walk in it.

    Are you looking for peace? well, if you have Jesus you have peace.He is the Prince of Peace and I pray that you will also walk in Him to day and always.

    Pastor Seun

  • Funmi Oyelowo-Orelaja

    Indeed it is a New Season of Harvest It is so good to have faith in Him . .God work in ways we cannot understand . I gave a gift of 2 Deice cans from Advance Auto to a couple to defrost their windows when it is cold and God blessed me 1000fold. Season of favor . . Singing……… He has done great thing He has done great things bless His Holy name . Trust God and have faith. Amazing God . My prayer is that everyone will have a bountiful harvest throughout the year . Thanks Pastor Bisi for all your teaching

  • Funmi Oyelowo-Orelaja

    When you find yourself in a storm you must trust what God has told you and remind yourself Who’s in the boat with you.”

  • Tobi Loba-Olagoke

    JCCI SERVICE Jan 13.
    Topic: Developing a great worship lifestyle: A closer walk with God

    James 4:8: Draw nigh to God and he will draw Nigh to you.; Develop an appetite for God
    (If your heart is dirty what is the point of washing your hands?)

    Enoch walked with God. God took him. He never died. You can never loose when you walk with God

    Joshua 1:8: let the word of God never leave your mouth. Meditate on it day and night. If you do that your ways will be prosperous.

    The secret of victory is to have God with you before the problem shows up.

    Don’t let the gift occupy you so much that you forget the Giver.

    2 Peter 3:18: Grow in Grace and in Knowledge of our Lord Jesus.

    4 Things that must grow in your life. (The 4 F’s)
    1. Faith: this is the instrument of our maturity. Faith determines the quality of walk with God.
    What makes our faith Grow.
    1. Word of God
    2.Trials & Tribulation. Purpose of test is to Exult

    2. Fellowship. Intimacy with God) . We get encouragement for the race of life in church
    1. Bible
    2. Prayers
    3. Praise and Worship

    3. Faithfulness: God Trusts u. God sees the faithfulness u have in small things before he gives you plenty.

    4. Fruitfulness. Grow in Love for People and God. Don’t hate people because it eats your spirit to hate them.
    1. Grow in Character. (what is your motive for coming to church)
    2. Bring people to The Lord

    2 Kings 2: Elijah story. Elisha had a purpose. He asked for a double of Elija’s Anointing

    To get anything done in life you need.
    1. Purpose.
    3. Perseverance.
    4. Priority.

    4 Cities to pass for a double portion of anointing.
    1. Gilgal: A place of purification. Get the excess baggage off your life (Joshua 5:2) A second purification.

    2. Bethel: A place of Realization. A place of prayer and power. Angela descended and ascended here

    3. Jericho: A place of confrontation. Cutting off bad habits. Confront friends, foes, family.

    4. Jordan: A place of Impartation. Spiritual Power. When the Holy Spirit mightily comes upon you.

  • Funmi Oyelowo-Orelaja

    I totally agree with you Tobi Service on Sunday was very very inspirational .Nice work Tobi .getting all the key points from Pastor Bisis’s teaching . Thanks Pastor Bisi ,you will always move mountains for Christ. . If i have your permission please ,can i paste your key points from this message on fb to invite more people to church on Sunday . Thanks in advance

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