Laugh a Little!..

It’s another week day! Laugh a little…make someone smile! Jesus is good!


The Virgin Mary?

The little girl was sitting with her grandmother, who had presented
her with her first little children’s Bible, in an easy-to-read translation, when
she was very young.
Now, a decade or so later, the elderly
lady was ready to spend a few sweet moments handing down the big old family
Bible, in the time-honored King James Version, to her only grandchild.
Understandably excited, the youngster was asking a number
of questions, both about the family members whose births and deaths were
recorded therein, and about various aspects of the Scriptures themselves.
Her grandmother was endeavoring to answer all the child’s
questions in terms she could understand, but the one that stopped her cold was
this sincere inquiry:
“Which Virgin was the mother of
Jesus? Was it the Virgin Mary, or the King James virgin?”


Where is God?

Two little boys were best friends at church, but they both had a reputation for getting into trouble. One Sunday, one of the boys was home sick, but the other boy, not wanting to let his friend down, was twice as bad as normal.
As he was running through the sanctuary after church, the pastor grabbed him and angrily said, “Where’s God?!”
The little boy was frightened and didn’t know what to say.
The pastor continued, “I want you to go home and think about it and I don’t want you to come back until you can tell me where God is.”
The boy went home and called his sick friend on the telephone. “Guess what,” he said. “They’ve lost God, and they’re trying to blame that one on us, too.”


Letters to God:

Dear God,
In Sunday School they told us what You do. Who does it when You are on vacation? – Jane

Dear God,
I think about You sometimes even when I’m not praying. – Elliot

Dear God,
Did You really mean “do unto others as they do unto you?” Because if you did, then I’m going to fix my brother. – Darla

Dear God,
I didn’t think orange went with purple until I saw the sunset you made on Tuesday. That was cool! – Eugene

Dear God,
I read the Bible. What does “begat” mean? Nobody will tell me. – Allison

Dear God,
Are you really invisible or is that a trick? – Lucy

Dear God,
Is it true my father won’t get in Heaven if he uses his bowling words in the house?  – Anita

Dear God,
Did you mean for the giraffe to look like that or was it an accident? – Norma

Dear God,
Instead of letting people die and having to make new ones, why don’t You just keep the ones You have now? – Cindy

Dear God,
Who draws the lines around countries? – Nan

Dear God,
The bad people laughed at Noah – “You made an ark on dry land you fool”. But he was smart, he stuck with You. That’s what I would do. – Edward

Dear God,
I went to this wedding and they kissed right in church. Is that okay? – Neil

Dear God,
What does it mean You are a Jealous God? I thought You had everything. – Robert

Dear God,
Thank You for the baby brother, but what I prayed for was a puppy. – Joyce

Dear God,
Why is Sunday School on Sunday? I thought it was supposed to be our day of rest.  – Tom


May your day be filled with laughter!

JubileeNCBlog Team


2 responses to “Laugh a Little!..

  • Funmi Oyelowo-Orelaja

    OMG ‘ Where is God’ this is a very good one . I cant stop laughing Thank you for making my day

  • Tobi Loba-Olagoke

    @Robert. With the little knowledge i have, I believe that the statement “I am a jealous God” doesn’t literally relate to envy or anything negative. However, God created us for him and he wants us all to himself. We are all a part of God’s body. Imagine your arm leaving you and wanting to be someone else’s.? Would you destroy it in Jealousy? or Try to get it back in Jealousy?

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