30-day Challenge: Day 17


Day 17: Life Changing Experience

Read Matthew 17

 Listen to the King (1-13)! This event was a picture of the coming kingdom (16:27-28) and a proof that Jesus Christ is indeed the Son of the living God. The Law (Moses) and the prophets (Elijah) all converge in Him (Heb. 1:1-2). But the thing Peter remembered most was the emphasis on the unchanging Word of God (2 Pet. 1:16-21). The memory of visions will fade, but the Word endures forever. Hear Him!

Trust the King (14-21)! Jesus gave the disciples power to cast out demons (10:1, 8), but their unbelief and lack of prayer (vv. 20-21) robbed them of the power they needed. We cannot stay on the mountain of glory; there are needs to be met in the valley.

Obey the King (22-27)! The tax was an annual assessment of the Jewish men for the support of the temple (Exod. 30:11-16). Jesus affirmed His kingship by controlling a coin and a fish, but He affirmed His servanthood by submitting to their demands. “Lest we offend them” (v. 27) is a good principle when you lay aside your rights, but be careful not to set aside God’s truth (15:12-14)


1. Pray for a deep life-changing encounter with God.

2. O Lord reveal your heart to me that I may not be the dark regarding your plans in my life this year.

3. Pray that the Lord will protect you from every form of embarrassment and shame.


“Nobody could ascend before transfigured.” – Toba Beta

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