30-day Challenge: Day 20


Hello Everyone! Happy Sunday!

How many people did you invite to church today? Remember…the 30-day challenge is still on! 11 more days! You can do it!!!

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Day 20 : The Perfect Justice of God

Read Matthew 20

What shall we have (19:27-20:16)? The parable is not about salvation, for we cannot work for salvation; nor is it about rewards, for we do not all receive the same reward. The story concerns the selfish attitude implicit in Peter’s question. The key to the parable is that the first workers hired demanded a contract and insisted on knowing how much they would get. The other workers trusted the landowner. If you ask God for a contract, you will only rob yourself, for He is generous with His workers. Be faithful to do your job and avoid watching the other workers, and He will deal with you generously.

What do you wish (20:17-28)? Salome remembered His promise (19:28) and claimed it for her two sons. But she forgot what Jesus had just said about the cross (20:17-19). She should have known that the only way to glory is through suffering (1 Pet. 5:10). You do not pray for a throne; you pay for it. Beware selfish prayers: the Lord may answer them. James was the first apostle to be martyred (Acts 12:1-2), and John experienced great trial as a Roman prisoner (Rev. 1:9).

What do you want Me to do for you (20:29-34)? They knew what they wanted, and they trusted Him for it. Do you know what you want when you come to Him in prayer? Do you persist even if others try to discourage you? What a promise we have in Hebrews 4:16!

The Last Week

Traditionally, the events during our Lord’s last week are as follows: Sunday-He entered Jerusalem as King. Monday-He cleansed the temple and cursed the fig tree. Tuesday-He debated with the Jewish leaders and gave the Olivet Discourse (Matt. 24-25). Wednesday-He rested. Thursday-He had the Last Supper; He was arrested in the Garden. Friday-He was crucified and buried. Saturday-He lay in the tomb. Sunday-He arose from the dead. Keep in mind that the Jewish day begins with sundown, so that their Friday begins Thursday evening.


1. Pray that as you serve the Lord your focus will not on other workers but on faithfully finishing your assignment.

2. Ask God to take away every wrong ambition or desire out of your heart (James 4:2; Jdgs 9:1 – 6).

3. Pray for the mercy of God in every area of your life and family.


All hard work brings a profit, but mere talk leads only to poverty. – (Proverbs 14:23)


Let’s know how church was today!

Have a great day!

JubileeNCBlog Team

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