New Week…Start Sowing!

It’s a new week!

I have a feeling that this is going to be a GREAT week…watch this space for MY testimony…and YOURS!…Amen!

Yesterday, at church, we were reminded that “Whatever you Sow…so shall you Reap”…I remember as Pastor asked us to declare it over our lives, many of us said “Whatever GOOD thing I have sowed…I will reap”. I don’t think it works that way without the Grace of God, as Pastor Bisi reminded us. In reality…”you cannot reap tomatoes if you sow apples”…it just doesn’t work that way!

This is a new week…a new chance to sow all the right things…a new chance to live the way God wants you to live…to spend your time…resources…talents…everything…to serve him and do His will!

I pray that on Sunday…when Pastor says “whatever you sow…you will reap”…we can all confidently say “Amen!”

It’s prayer week at church. Morning devotion starts daily at 6am and we also have nightly prayer at 9pm: 712 432 1601 ext. 642878

Also…please don’t forget that the Blog Giveaway is still on! Send your entries to

Have a Week that’s Full of Harvest!

JubileeNCBlog Team

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