30-day Challenge: Day 26


Day 26: Moments of Discouragement

Read Matthew 26

Life presents us with many opportunities; how we respond to them depends on what we love and what we look for in life.

The Jewish leaders looked for opportunity to destroy Jesus, while at the same time Jesus was anticipating the opportunity to obey His Father and bring Him glory.

Mary used the opportunity she had for expressing her devotion to Christ, but Judas used that same opportunity to criticize her. Nothing given in love to Jesus is ever wasted. Judas was the one who ended up wasting his life!

Jesus eagerly anticipated the opportunity to be with His disciples, even though He knew one would betray Him, one would deny Him, and all would forsake Him. He sought to help them and prepare them for the trial before them.

Peter missed his opportunities to become strong and be a victor. He boasted when he should have listened (vv. 32-35), slept when he should have prayed (vv. 36-46), fought when he should have surrendered (vv. 47-56), and followed when he should have fled for safety (vv. 57-75; note v. 31). But when the opportunity came for him to repent, he wept.

No matter what others did, Jesus was in complete command and knew how to make the most of every opportunity. “Not as I will, but as You will” is the secret (v. 39). God will give you many opportunities today. Use them wisely!


1. Pray against every form of conspiracy or plot against you and your family, job, business, marriage etc this year.

2. Pray that God will cause you to discern every evil around you and for the wisdom to deal with them.

3. Pray for strength and victory in the midst of every discouragement and desperate situations.


God’s best gifts are not things but opportunities. What we call adversity, God calls opportunity.

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