Day 1: Discovering the Secrets of Breakthrough



Exploits are the unusual things in the natural world but are meant to be daily phenomenon for those who know their God.

Exploits in business, marriage life, career, success and excellence in life are possible for everyone who has a relationship with God on a personal level.

There are those who know about God, there are folks who have heard about him, however this exploit experiences are for those who really know Him personally and intimately. Do you know God at that level?

What does it mean to know God?

  1. You must be saved, you must have experienced personal salvation
  2. You are filled with the Holy Spirit of God and led by Him
  3. You know the Word. It is in your spirit, you daily chew on it
  4. You walk with him in daily devotions. Your soul is bathed in an atmosphere of prayer. You are soaked in the anointing.


  • Lord open my eyes and understanding to know you
  • Place a thirst and hunger for God in my heart
  • Father draw me nearer to you on a daily basis

I receive the anointing to do exploits in every area of my life.


One response to “Day 1: Discovering the Secrets of Breakthrough

  • Pastor Bisi Tofade

    Hello Jubilee,
    “Lazy folks cannot be Excellent Christians”…do you agree or disagree?

    I will like to hear your thoughts and comments on our daily devotion. I hope everyone takes the time to call in for the devotion and the prayer line. It takes real commitment to develop spiritual muscle.

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