The Blog is Back for Mountain Movers Conference

Hello Everyone!

It has been a LONG time!…but not to worry…the Blog is Back!

We are particularly excited because it is back for a Special purpose! The annual Mountain Movers Conference at Jubilee Christian Church International!

I will be giving more information about this in the next couple of days…so stay tuned! In the mean time, here are a few things to get you started:

1. We will be fasting from November 10, 214 till November 23, 2014 (don’t get nervous about this…the Pastors and Leaders started a week ago!)

2. We have a 45 minute Morning Devotion daily at 6am

3. We will be praying together on the phone every night for 30 minutes at 9pm

4. The number to call for devotion and prayer is: 712 432 1601 and the access code is: 642878

5. We will all be meeting in the church for the wonderful Mountain Movers event from November 20th till the 23rd. More details to follow.

We will be posting more about this soon…but as usual, if you have anything to send to us throughout the Mountain movers conference, please do not hesistate to add this as a comment and we will make a new post out of it!

God Bless You!


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