Day 6: Breakthrough By Obedience


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2 Corinthians 10:6

And having in a readiness to revenge all disobedience, when your obedience is fulfilled.

Many believers live in disobedience and wonder why nothing seems to work for them.
God loves the obedient child and resent the disobedient even as parents do when their kids listen and obey. To enjoy the provisions of heaven, your qualifying requirement is an obedient life. Many believers hear and know the will of their Father, but they don’t do them.

Total obedience…every aspect of life. You cannot obey him inside the Church and disobey in your finances and expect him to prosper you. Many believers compartmentalize their lives. They obey outside but live in disobedience in private life. If you desire a major breakthrough in your life, obedience to God is not an option


Cost of Disobedience:

The price of disobeying God is too high and takes sometimes eternity to finish paying it. I beg you therefore to give Him obedience in your life.
Human race is still paying for Adam’s disobedience. Here are few things disobedience will cost us:
Rejection from God (Saul)
Loss of great opportunity in life.
Loss of ministry and life. (The Young prophet and Gehazi).
Loss of peace and favor with God (Jonah)



Lord, give me grace to live a life of obedience through out 2015
Forgive me for every act of disobedience in my life
Let me eat the fruit of obedience in my life

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