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Hillsong: God is Able

Just a follow-up to the last post:

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Hillsong: Still

There is actually a testimony attached to this song which we will be sharing on the blog in the next couple of days…but for now, enjoy and meditate on the song.

And remember…when it seems like the storms are too heavy for you to handle…Be Still…and Know that He is God!

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Smokie Norful: I Understand

This is such a powerful song to sing when you face the storms of Life. It┬ástates┬áthat God knows exactly what we are going through…but reminds us that everything that we go through are all according to His prefect plan for our lives.

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Chris Tomlin: Indescribable

I remember the first time the choir sang this song at church – we immediately felt the Holy Spirit come down in such a Powerful way! Many people cried as they sang from the depth of their hearts! It truly is amazing to know that we are fortunate enough worship a God who is so powerful…so merciful…so AMAZING!

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