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He Blessed Me For Doing God’s Work: Dawn Goodman

Hi Everyone,

My name is Dawn Goodman I am one of the van drivers for Jubilee Christian Church. I wanted to share with you one of my experiences while performing my duties. The Sunday after the tragic shooting incident at the school in Newtown, Connecticut I noticed a man dressed in military clothing standing on the corner of Hwy 55 and Hwy 54 collecting money. I do not usually donate to people on the corner because many of them are collecting money to support a drug or alcohol habits.

Both of this man’s legs were artificial limbs so I knew that he was a Veteran of the US military at some point in his life. I felt gratitude and sympathy for his sacrifice of both his legs fighting in war. I wanted to make a donation to him all that at I had in my pocket was $1.00. As I tried to give him the dollar he reached in his pocket and handed me three dollars and closed my hand so I would not drop it and said No the donation should be for you.

At this point the light turned green I had to leave and could not ask him why he thought I deserved a donation. The next time I went to that intersection he said You did not expect me to give you money did you? I said No I didn’t expect that at all. He said that I was doing the Lord’s work by driving the church van that is why he believed that I deserved a donation. I thanked him and said that is a wonderful thought, He told me that he is a Pastor of a church in Mebane, NC trying to raise money for the families of the children and teachers in Newtown, Conn who were killed earlier that week in the school. He invited me to come visit his church one Sunday if I was not driving the van. I don’t remember the name of his church but I did not forget his donation,to me and the reason for it.


Antonina Griffin: Against All Odds. My Struggle, My Success, My STORY!

We found this on youtube and decided to share. It reminds us that NO matter what we are going through…GOD can ALWAYS get you THROUGH it!

You might need some tissue paper…it made me cry! God is wonderful!

JubileeNCBlog Team

Hillsong: Still

There is actually a testimony attached to this song which we will be sharing on the blog in the next couple of days…but for now, enjoy and meditate on the song.

And remember…when it seems like the storms are too heavy for you to handle…Be Still…and Know that He is God!

JubileeNCBlog Team

The Worst Days of Their Lives

Someone sent this to us and asked that we share it on our Blog.

It’s a miraculous story…that also teaches forgiveness!

Warning: you may need a lot of tissue paper to watch this…it’s tugs at your heart and releases the tears!

JubileeNCBlog Team