JCCI Service: Jan 13th 2013

Thanks to Tobiloba Olagoke who sent in the message from JCCI (Chapel of Victory)’s service! I was at service on Sunday and the word was wonderful…God really spoke through Pastor Bisi on that day!

I think it is great that there are some people who are not only hearers of the word…but also “spreaders” of the word! God bless you Tobi!

 Topic: Developing a great worship lifestyle: A closer walk with God

James 4:8: Draw nigh to God and he will draw Nigh to you.; Develop an appetite for God
(If your heart is dirty what is the point of washing your hands?)

Enoch walked with God. God took him. He never died. You can never lose when you walk with God

Joshua 1:8: let the word of God never leave your mouth. Meditate on it day and night. If you do that your ways will be prosperous.

The secret of victory is to have God with you before the problem shows up.

Don’t let the gift occupy you so much that you forget the Giver.

2 Peter 3:18: Grow in Grace and in Knowledge of our Lord Jesus.

4 Things that must grow in your life. (The 4 F’s)
1. Faith: this is the instrument of our maturity. Faith determines the quality of walk with God.
What makes our faith Grow:
Word of God
Trials & Tribulation. Purpose of test is to Exult

2. Fellowship: Intimacy with God) . We get encouragement for the race of life in church
Praise and Worship

3. Faithfulness: God Trusts u. God sees the faithfulness u have in small things before he gives you plenty.

4. Fruitfulness: Grow in Love for People and God. Don’t hate people because it eats your spirit to hate them.
Grow in Character. (what is your motive for coming to church)
Bring people to The Lord

2 Kings 2: Elijah story. Elisha had a purpose. He asked for a double of Elija’s Anointing

To get anything done in life you need.
1. Purpose.
3. Perseverance.
4. Priority.

4 Cities to pass for a double portion of anointing.
1. Gilgal: A place of purification. Get the excess baggage off your life (Joshua 5:2) A second purification.

2. Bethel: A place of Realization. A place of prayer and power. Angela descended and ascended here

3. Jericho: A place of confrontation. Cutting off bad habits. Confront friends, foes, family.

4. Jordan: A place of Impartation. Spiritual Power. When the Holy Spirit mightily comes upon you.

By Tobiloba Olagoke


I hope the message touched you like it touched me! For more information on JCCI…please visit our website www.jubileenc.org and we hope to have you at our church soon!

JubileeNCBlog Team

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